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API attacks are on the rise. One of their major targets is eCommerce firms like yours.

APIs are a vital part of how eCommerce businesses are accelerating their growth in the digital world.

ECommerce platforms use APIs at all customer touchpoints, from displaying products to handling shipping. Owing to their increased use, APIs are attractive targets for hackers, as the following numbers expose:

  • API attack traffic increased by 681% in 2021
  • 77% of retail respondents experienced API security incidents in 2021– according to Noname security

If left unaddressed, API abuse can damage your reputation, harm consumers, and affect the bottom line. Hence API security is worthy of consideration for eCommerce stakeholders.

Why do eCommerce companies need APIs?

API makes it easy for retailers and eCommerce platforms to handle product listings and orders. It transformed the static website into a completely customizable headless store. Retailers use APIs for various functions, including login, product catalogue, shipping, and subscription.

images from Hacker News