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Every SaaS app user and login is a potential threat; whether it’s bad actors or potential disgruntled former associates, identity management and access control is crucial to prevent unwanted or mistaken entrances to the organization’s data and systems.

Since enterprises have thousands to tens of thousands of users, and hundreds to thousands of different apps, ensuring each entrance point and user role is secure is no easy feat. Security teams need to monitor all identities to ensure that user activity meets their organization’s security guidelines.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions administer user identities and control access to enterprise resources and applications. As identities became the new perimeter, making sure this area is governed by the security team is vital.

Gartner has recently named a new security discipline called Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR) that incorporates detection mechanisms that investigate suspicious posture changes and activities, and responds to attacks to restore the integrity of the identity infrastructure.

ITDR incorporates strong SaaS Security IAM Governance methodologies and best practices that are found in SaaS Security Posture Management solutions (SSPM), enabling security teams to gain continuous and consolidated visibility of user accounts, permissions, and privileged activities across the SaaS stack, such as:

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