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Mistakenly sent a picture to someone via WhatsApp that you shouldn’t have?

Well, we’ve all been there, but what’s more unfortunate is that the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature WhatsApp introduced two years ago contains an unpatched privacy bug, leaving its users with false sense of privacy.

WhatsApp and its rival Telegram messenger offer “Delete for Everyone,” a potentially life-saving feature on which millions of people today rely to escape the awkwardness of mistakenly sending messages / pictures / videos to the wrong person.

As the name indicates, the ‘Delete for Everyone‘ feature is intended to unsend mistakenly sent inappropriate messages—including text, photos and videos—from the recipient’s phone, or from the phones of all members of a group.

In the case of WhatsApp, the feature is only available within 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds of sending a message you want to delete, which is fine and a fair use case.

images from Hacker News