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Threat actors have published yet another round of malicious packages to Python Package Index (PyPI) with the goal of delivering information-stealing malware on compromised developer machines.

Interestingly, while the malware goes by a variety of names like ANGEL Stealer, Celestial Stealer, Fade Stealer, Leaf $tealer, PURE Stealer, Satan Stealer, and @skid Stealer, cybersecurity company Phylum found them all to be copies of W4SP Stealer.

W4SP Stealer primarily functions to siphon user data, including credentials, cryptocurrency wallets, Discord tokens, and other files of interest. It’s created and published by an actor who goes by the aliases BillyV3, BillyTheGoat, and billythegoat356.

“For some reason, each deployment appears to have simply tried to do a find/replace of the W4SP references in exchange for some other seemingly arbitrary name,” the researchers said in a report published earlier this week.

The 16 rogue modules are as follows: modulesecurity, informmodule, chazz, randomtime, proxygeneratorbil, easycordey, easycordeyy, tomproxies, sys-ej, py4sync, infosys, sysuptoer, nowsys, upamonkws, captchaboy, and proxybooster.

images from Hacker News