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The malware authors behind TrickBot banking Trojan have developed a new Android app that can intercept one-time authorization codes sent to Internet banking customers via SMS or relatively more secure push notifications, and complete fraudulent transactions.

The Android app, called “TrickMo” by IBM X-Force researchers, is under active development and has exclusively targeted German users whose desktops have been previously infected with the TrickBot malware.

“Germany is one of the first attack turfs TrickBot spread to when it first emerged in 2016,” IBM researchers said. “In 2020, it appears that TrickBot’s vast bank fraud is an ongoing project that helps the gang monetise compromised accounts.”

The name TrickMo is a direct reference to a similar kind of Android banking malware called ZitMo that was developed by Zeus cybercriminal gang in 2011 to defeat SMS-based two-factor authentication.

The development is the latest addition in the arsenal of evolving capabilities of the banking trojan that has since morphed to deliver other kinds of malware, including the notorious Ryuk ransomware, act as an info stealer, loot Bitcoin wallets, and harvest emails and credentials.

images from Hacker News