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Cybercriminals will be as busy as ever this year. Stay safe and protect your systems and data by focusing on these 4 key areas to secure your environment and ensure success in 2023, and make sure your business is only in the headlines when you WANT it to be.

1 — Web application weaknesses

Web applications are at the core of what SaaS companies do and how they operate, and they can store some of your most sensitive information such as valuable customer data.

SaaS applications are often multi-tenanted, so your applications need to be secure against attacks where one customer could access the data of another customer, such as logic flaws, injection flaws, or access control weaknesses. These are easy to exploit by hackers, and easy mistakes to make when writing code.

Security testing with an automated vulnerability scanner in combination with regular pentesting can help you design and build secure web applications by integrating with your existing environment, catching vulnerabilities as they’re introduced throughout the development cycle.

2 — Misconfiguration mistakes

Cloud environments can be complicated. Your CTO or DevOps engineers are responsible for securing every setting, user role and permission to ensure they comply with industry and company policy. Misconfigurations can therefore be extremely difficult to detect and manually remediate. According to Gartner, these cause 80% of all data security breaches, and until 2025, up to 99% of cloud environment failures will be attributed to human errors.

images from Hacker News