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A malicious extension for Chromium-based web browsers has been observed to be distributed via a long-standing Windows information stealer called ViperSoftX.

Czech-based cybersecurity company dubbed the rogue browser add-on VenomSoftX owing to its standalone features that enable it to access website visits, steal credentials and clipboard data, and even swap cryptocurrency addresses via an adversary-in-the-middle (AiTM) attack.

ViperSoftX, which first came to light in February 2020, was characterized by Fortinet as a JavaScript-based remote access trojan and cryptocurrency stealer. The malware’s use of a browser extension to advance its information-gathering goals was documented by Sophos threat analyst Colin Cowie earlier this year.

“This multi-stage stealer exhibits interesting hiding capabilities, concealed as small PowerShell scripts on a single line in the middle of otherwise innocent-looking large log files, among others,” Avast researcher Jan Rubín said in a technical write-up.

“ViperSoftX focuses on stealing cryptocurrencies, clipboard swapping, fingerprinting the infected machine, as well as downloading and executing arbitrary additional payloads, or executing commands.”

images from Hacker News