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It’s not news that phishing attacks are getting more complex and happening more often. This year alone, APWG reported a record-breaking total of 1,097,811 phishing attacks. These attacks continue to target organizations and individuals to gain their sensitive information.

The hard news: they’re often successful, have a long-lasting negative impact on your organization and employees, including:

  • Loss of Money
  • Reputation damage
  • Loss of Intellectual property
  • Disruptions to operational activities
  • Negative effect on company culture

The harder news: These often could have been easily avoided.

Phishing, educating your employees, and creating a cyber awareness culture? These are topics we’re sensitive to and well-versed in. So, how can you effectively protect your organization against phishing attempts? These best practices will help transform your employees’ behaviour and build organizational resilience to phishing attacks.

Cyber Security Awareness Training
Source: APWG

images from Hacker News