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I have said it before, and I will say it again — Smart devices are one of the dumbest technologies, so far, when it comes to protecting users’ privacy and security.

As more and more smart devices are being sold worldwide, consumers should be aware of security and privacy risks associated with the so-called intelligent devices.

When it comes to internet-connected devices, smart TVs are the ones that have highly-evolved, giving consumers a lot of options to enjoy streaming, browsing the Internet, gaming, and saving files on the Cloud—technically allowing you to do everything on it as a full-fledged PC.

Apparently, in the past few years we have reported how Smart TVs can be used to spy on end users without their explicit consent, how remote hackers can even take full control over a majority of Smart TVs without having any physical access to them, and how flaws in Smart TVs allowed hackers to hijack TV screen.

Now most recently, Smart TVs selling under SUPRA brand-name have been found vulnerable to an unpatched remote file inclusion vulnerability that could allow WiFi attackers to broadcast fake videos to the television screen without any authentication with the television.

images from Hacker News