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A new analysis of tools put to use by the Black Basta ransomware operation has identified ties between the threat actor and the FIN7 (aka Carbanak) group.

This link “could suggest either that Black Basta and FIN7 maintain a special relationship or that one or more individuals belong to both groups,” cybersecurity firm SentinelOne said in a technical write-up shared with The Hacker News.

Black Basta, which emerged earlier this year, has been attributed to a ransomware spree that has claimed over 90 organizations as of September 2022, suggesting that the adversary is both well-organized and well-resourced.

One notable aspect that makes the group stand out, per SentinelOne, is the fact that there have been no signs of its operators attempting to recruit affiliates or advertising the malware as a RaaS on darknet forums or crimeware marketplaces.

This has raised the possibility that the Black Basta developers either cut out affiliates from the chain and deploy the ransomware through their own custom toolset or alternatively work with a close set of affiliates without the need to market their warez.

images from Hacker News