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A new piece of research has detailed the increasingly sophisticated nature of the malware toolset employed by an advanced persistent threat (APT) group named Earth Aughisky.

“Over the last decade, the group has continued to make adjustments in the tools and malware deployments on specific targets located in Taiwan and, more recently, Japan,” Trend Micro disclosed in a technical profile last week.

Earth Aughisky, also known as Taidoor, is a cyber espionage group that’s known for its ability to abuse legitimate accounts, software, applications, and other weaknesses in the network design and infrastructure for its own ends.

While the Chinese threat actor has been known to primarily target organizations in Taiwan, victimology patterns observed towards late 2017 indicate an expansion to Japan.

The most commonly targeted industry verticals include government, telcom, manufacturing, heavy, technology, transportation, and healthcare.

images from Hacker News