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Automobile, Energy, Media, Ransomware?

When thinking about verticals, one may not instantly think of cyber-criminality. Yet, every move made by governments, clients, and private contractors screams toward normalizing those menaces as a new vertical.

Ransomware has every trait of the classical economical vertical. A thriving ecosystem of insurers, negotiators, software providers, and managed service experts.

This cybercrime branch looks at a loot stash that counts for trillions of dollars. The cybersecurity industry is too happy to provide services, software, and insurance to accommodate this new normal.

Intense insurer lobbying in France led the finance ministry to give a positive opinion about reimbursing ransoms, against the very advice of its government’s cybersecurity branch. The market is so big and juicy that no one can get in the way of “the development of the cyber insurance market.”

In the US, Colonial pipeline is seeking tax reductions from the loss incurred by the 2021 ransomware campaign they were victims of. But wait… to what extent is the government (and, by extension, every taxpayer) is then indirectly sponsoring cybercrime?

images from Hacker News