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Microsoft on Tuesday disclosed it took steps to implement blocking protections and suspend accounts that were used to publish malicious drivers that were certified by its Windows Hardware Developer Program.

The tech giant said its investigation revealed the activity was restricted to a number of developer program accounts and that no further compromise was detected.

Cryptographically signing malware is concerning not least because it not only undermines a key security mechanism but also allows threat actors to subvert traditional detection methods and infiltrate target networks to perform highly privileged operations.

The probe, Redmond stated, was initiated after it was notified of rogue drivers being used in post-exploitation efforts, including deploying ransomware, by cybersecurity firms Mandiant, SentinelOne, and Sophos on October 19, 2022.

One notable aspect of these attacks was that the adversary had already obtained administrative privileges on compromised systems before using the drivers.

images from Hacker News