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Cybersecurity researchers are warning of “imposter packages” mimicking popular libraries available on the Python Package Index (PyPI) repository.

The 41 malicious PyPI packages have been found to pose as typosquatted variants of legitimate modules such as HTTP, AIOHTTP, requests, urllib, and urllib3. The names of the packages are as follows:

aio5, aio6, htps1, httiop, httops, httplat, httpscolor, httpsing, httpslib, httpsos, httpsp, httpssp, httpssus, httpsus, httpxgetter, httpxmodifier, httpxrequester, httpxrequesterv2, httpxv2, httpxv3, libhttps, piphttps, pohttp, requestsd, requestse, requestst, ulrlib3, urelib3, urklib3, urlkib3, urllb, urllib33, urolib3, xhttpsp

“The descriptions for these packages, for the most part, don’t hint at their malicious intent,” ReversingLabs researcher Lucija Valentić said in a new writeup. “Some are disguised as real libraries and make flattering comparisons between their capabilities and those of known, legitimate HTTP libraries.”

images from Hacker News