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An analysis of the indicators of compromise (IoCs) associated with the JumpCloud hack has uncovered evidence pointing to the involvement of North Korean state-sponsored groups, in a style that’s reminiscent of the supply chain attack targeting 3CX.

The findings come from SentinelOne, which mapped out the infrastructure pertaining to the intrusion to uncover underlying patterns. It’s worth noting that JumpCloud, last week, attributed the attack to an unnamed “sophisticated nation-state sponsored threat actor.”

“The North Korean threat actors demonstrate a high level of creativity and strategic awareness in their targeting strategies,” SentinelOne security researcher Tom Hegel told The Hacker News. “The research findings reveal a successful and multifaceted approach employed by these actors to infiltrate developer environments.”

“They actively seek access to tools and networks that can serve as gateways to more extensive opportunities. Their tendency to execute multiple levels of supply chain intrusions before engaging in financially motivated theft is noteworthy.”

images from Hacker News