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Cybersecurity researchers have reported an increase in TrueBot infections, primarily targeting Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan, and the U.S.

Cisco Talos said the attackers behind the operation have moved from using malicious emails to alternative delivery methods such as the exploitation of a now-patched remote code execution (RCE) flaw in Netwrix auditor as well as the Raspberry Robin worm.

“Post-compromise activity included data theft and the execution of Clop ransomware,” security researcher Tiago Pereira said in a Thursday report.

TrueBot is a Windows malware downloader that’s attributed to a threat actor tracked by Group-IB as Silence, a Russian-speaking crew believed to share associations with Evil Corp (aka DEV-0243) and TA505.

The first-stage module functions as an entry point for subsequent post-exploitation activities, including information theft using a hitherto unknown custom data exfiltration utility dubbed Teleport, the cybersecurity firm said.

images from Hacker News