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Days after the first malware targeting Apple M1 chips was discovered in the wild, researchers have disclosed yet another previously undetected piece of malicious software that was found in about 30,000 Macs running Intel x86_64 and the iPhone maker’s M1 processors.

However, the ultimate goal of the operation remains something of a conundrum, what with the lack of a next-stage or final payload leaving researchers unsure of its distribution timeline and whether the threat is just under active development.

Calling the malware “Silver Sparrow,” cybersecurity firm Red Canary said it identified two different versions of the malware — one compiled only for Intel x86_64 and uploaded to VirusTotal on August 31, 2020 (version 1), and a second variant submitted to the database on January 22 that’s compatible with both Intel x86_64 and M1 ARM64 architectures (version 2).

Adding to the mystery, the x86_64 binary, upon execution, simply displays the message “Hello, World!” whereas the M1 binary reads “You did it!,” which the researchers suspect is being used as a placeholder.

“The Mach-O compiled binaries don’t seem to do all that much […] and so we’ve been calling them ‘bystander binaries,'” Red Canary’s Tony Lambert said.

images from Hacker News