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The Russian threat actor known as Shuckworm has continued its cyber assault spree against Ukrainian entities in a bid to steal sensitive information from compromised environments.

Targets of the recent intrusions, which began in February/March 2023, include security services, military, and government organizations, Symantec said in a new report shared with The Hacker News.

“In some cases, the Russian group succeeded in staging long-running intrusions, lasting for as long as three months,” the cybersecurity company said.

“The attackers repeatedly attempted to access and steal sensitive information such as reports about the deaths of Ukrainian service members, reports from enemy engagements and air strikes, arsenal inventory reports, training reports, and more.”

Shuckworm, also known by the names Aqua Blizzard (formerly Actinium), Armageddon, Gamaredon, Iron Tilden, Primitive Bear, Trident Ursa, UNC530, and Winterflounder, is attributed to the Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). It’s said to be active since at least 2013.

images from Hacker News