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Cybercriminals are continuing to prey on users searching for cracked software by directing them to fraudulent websites hosting weaponized installers that deploy malware called NullMixer on compromised systems.

“When a user extracts and executes NullMixer, it drops a number of malware files to the compromised machine,” cybersecurity firm Kaspersky said in a Monday report. “It drops a wide variety of malicious binaries to infect the machine with, such as backdoors, bankers, downloaders, spyware, and many others.”

Besides siphoning users’ credentials, address, credit card data, cryptocurrencies, and even Facebook and Amazon account session cookies, what makes NullMixer insidious is its ability to download dozens of trojans at once, significantly widening the scale of the infections.

Attack chains typically start when a user attempts to download cracked software from one of the sites, which leads to a password-protected archive that contains an executable file that, for its part, drops and launches a second setup binary designed to deliver an array of malicious files.

images from Hacker News