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Facebook has finally started implementing the open source data portability framework as the first phase of ‘Data Transfer Project,’ an initiative the company launched last year in collaboration with Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Twitter.

Facebook today announced a new feature that will allow its users to transfer their Facebook photos and videos to their Google Photos accounts—directly and securely without needing to download and reupload it.

The feature is only available to Facebook users in Ireland for now, as a test, and expected to be available to the rest of the world in early 2020.

This new Facebook feature is built using the Data Transfer Project (DTP), a universal data import/export protocol that aims to give users more control over their data and let them quickly move it between online services or apps whenever they want.

“If a user wants to switch to another product or service because they think it is better, they should be able to do so as easily as possible,” the project website says.

“Practical tools that let users backup or archive important information, organize information within multiple accounts, recover from account hijacking, and retrieve data from deprecated services all work to improve user security.”

images from Hacker News