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If organizations want to get serious about software security, they need to empower their engineers to play a defensive role against cyberattacks as they craft their code.

The problem is, developers haven’t had the most inspiring introduction to security training over the years, and anything that can be done to make their experience more engaging, productive, and fun is going to be a powerful motivator in helping them gain valuable secure coding skills.

And after dedicating precious time to mastering new abilities that can help beat attackers at their own game, the opportunity to test these new powers is not easily found in a safe environment.

So, what is a battle-hardened, security-aware engineer to do?

A new feature released on the Secure Code Warrior platform, named ‘Missions,’ is a challenge category that elevates users from the recall of learned security knowledge to the application of it in a real-world simulation environment.

This scaffolded, microlearning approach builds strong, secure coding skills that are job-relevant and much more entertaining than (vertically) watching endless training videos in the background of a workday.

images from Hacker News