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Web infrastructure and security company Cloudflare disclosed this week that it halted a 2.5 Tbps distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack launched by a Mirai botnet.

Characterizing it as a “multi-vector attack consisting of UDP and TCP floods,” researcher Omer Yoachimik said the DDoS attack targeted the Minecraft server Wynncraft in Q3 2022.

“The entire 2.5 Tbps attack lasted about 2 minutes, and the peak of the 26 million rps attack [was] only 15 seconds,” Yoachimik noted. “This is the largest attack we’ve ever seen from the bitrate perspective.”

Cloudflare also pointed to a surge in multi-terabit DDoS attacks as well as longer-lasting volumetric attacks during the time period, not to mention an uptick in attacks targeting Taiwan and Japan.

The disclosure comes almost 10 months after Microsoft said it thwarted a record-breaking 3.47 Tbps DDoS attack in November 2021 directed against an unnamed Azure customer in Asia.

Other DDoS attacks of this scale and volume include a 2.5 Tbps DDoS attack absorbed by Google in September 2017 and a 2.3 Tbps volumetric strike aimed at Amazon Web Services in February 2020.

images from Hacker News