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Microsoft on Monday revealed new malware deployed by the hacking group behind the SolarWinds supply chain attack last December to deliver additional payloads and steal sensitive information from Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) servers.

The tech giant’s Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) codenamed the “passive and highly targeted backdoor” FoggyWeb, making it the threat actor tracked as Nobelium’s latest tool in a long list of cyber weaponry such as SunburstSunspotRaindropTeardropGoldMax, GoldFinder, SibotFlipflopNativeZoneEnvyScout, BoomBox, and VaporRage.

“Once Nobelium obtains credentials and successfully compromises a server, the actor relies on that access to maintain persistence and deepen its infiltration using sophisticated malware and tools,” MSTIC researchers said. “Nobelium uses FoggyWeb to remotely exfiltrate the configuration database of compromised AD FS servers, decrypted token-signing certificate, and token-decryption certificate, as well as to download and execute additional components.”

images from Hacker News