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After Adobe, the technology giant Microsoft today—on June 2019 Patch Tuesday—also released its monthly batch of software security updates for various supported versions of Windows operating systems and other Microsoft products.

This month’s security updates include patches for a total of 88 vulnerabilities, 21 are rated Critical, 66 are Important, and one is rated Moderate in severity.

The June 2019 updates include patches Windows OS, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge browser, Microsoft Office and Services, ChakraCore, Skype for Business, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Exchange Server, and Azure.

Four of the security vulnerabilities, all rated important and could allow attackers to escalate privileges, patched by the tech giant this month were disclosed publicly, of which none were found exploited in the wild.

Unpatched Issue Reported by Google Researcher

However, Microsoft failed to patch a minor flaw in SymCrypt, a core cryptographic function library currently used by Windows, which on successful exploitation could allow malicious programs to interrupt (denial of service) the encryption service for other programs.

This vulnerability was reported to Microsoft by Tavis Ormandy, a Google project zero security researcher, almost 90 days ago. Ormandy today publicly released details and proof-of-concept of the flaw after finding that Microsoft doesn’t have any plan to patch the issue with this month updates.

“I’ve been able to construct an X.509 certificate that triggers the bug. I’ve found that embedding the certificate in an S/MIME message, authenticode signature, schannel connection, and so on will effectively DoS any windows server (e.g. ipsec, iis, exchange, etc) and (depending on the context) may require the machine to be rebooted,” Ormandy said.


“Obviously, lots of software that processes untrusted content (like antivirus) call these routines on untrusted data, and this will cause them to deadlock.”

images from Hacker News