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Microsoft on Tuesday disclosed a set of two privilege escalation vulnerabilities in the Linux operating system that could potentially allow threat actors to carry out an array of nefarious activities.

Collectively called “Nimbuspwn,” the flaws “can be chained together to gain root privileges on Linux systems, allowing attackers to deploy payloads, like a root backdoor, and perform other malicious actions via arbitrary root code execution,” Jonathan Bar Or of the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team said in a report.

On top of that, the defects — tracked as CVE-2022-29799 and CVE-2022-29800 — could also be weaponized as a vector for root access to deploy more sophisticated threats such as ransomware.

The vulnerabilities are rooted in a systemd component called networkd-dispatcher, a daemon program for the network manager system service that’s designed to dispatch network status changes.

images from Hacker News