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For our customers, one of the most frequent problems is the phishing phone call:

Your phone rings. You answer it and find the person at the other end telling you they are calling to inform you that your computer has been compromised or is infected with malware or a virus. Perhaps they will ask you if you think your machine has been running more slowly. They will claim to be from ‘Windows Helpdesk’ or ‘Microsoft tech support’ and will tell you that you must give them access to your PC so they can check and fix the problem for you, sometimes for a fee.

They want you to be on their side so they may also ask you to open up various windows or input commands which can make it seem like there is a problem with your machine when in reality there’s nothing wrong.

Someone is ringing me what do I do?

Don’t be fooled by these fraudulent calls. We can confirm that these are not genuine calls from Microsoft and we’d like to reassure all users of our software that we will never cold call you to charge you for computer security or software fixes.

If you do get one of these calls, the best defence is simple. Knowledge. You know it’s a scam so just put the phone down. Let your friends and family who are less tech savvy know these kinds of calls are always scams. The more people who know, the less effective these kinds of calls will be and if everyone knew then they’d have to just stop calling.

images from Microsoft Windows 10