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Microsoft on Thursday disclosed that it addressed a pair of issues with the Azure Database for PostgreSQL Flexible Server that could result in unauthorized cross-account database access in a region.

“By exploiting an elevated permissions bug in the Flexible Server authentication process for a replication user, a malicious user could leverage an improperly anchored regular expression to bypass authentication to gain access to other customers’ databases,” Microsoft Security Response Centre (MSRC) said.

New York City-based cloud security company Wiz, which uncovered the flaws, dubbed the exploit chain “ExtraReplica.” Microsoft said it mitigated the bug within 48 hours of disclosure on January 13, 2022.

Specifically, it relates to a case of privilege escalation in the Azure PostgreSQL engine to gain code execution and a cross-account authentication bypass by means of a forged certificate, allowing an attacker to create a database in the target’s Azure region and exfiltrate sensitive information.

images from Hacker News