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Four different Microsoft Azure services have been found vulnerable to server-side request forgery (SSRF) attacks that could be exploited to gain unauthorized access to cloud resources.

The security issues, which were discovered by Orca between October 8, 2022 and December 2, 2022 in Azure API Management, Azure Functions, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure Digital Twins, have since been addressed by Microsoft.

“The discovered Azure SSRF vulnerabilities allowed an attacker to scan local ports, find new services, endpoints, and sensitive files – providing valuable information on possibly vulnerable servers and services to exploit for initial entry and the location of sensitive information to target,” Orca researcher Lidor Ben Shitrit said in a report shared with The Hacker News.

Two of the vulnerabilities affecting Azure Functions and Azure Digital Twins could be abused without requiring any authentication, enabling a threat actor to seize control of a server without even having an Azure account in the first place.

SSRF attacks could have serious consequences as they enable a malicious interloper to read or update internal resources, and worse, pivot to other parts of the network, breach otherwise unreachable systems to extract valuable data.

images from Hacker News