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As the number of people using macOS keeps going up, so does the desire of hackers to take advantage of flaws in Apple’s operating system.

What Are the Rising Threats to macOS?#

There is a common misconception among macOS fans that Apple devices are immune to hacking and malware infection. However, users have been facing more and more dangers recently. Inventive attackers are specifically targeting Mac systems, as seen with the “Geacon” Cobalt Strike tool attack. This tool enables them to perform malicious actions such as data theft, privilege elevation, and remote device control, placing the security and privacy of Mac users at grave risk.

Earlier this year, researchers also uncovered the MacStealer malware, which also stole sensitive data from Apple users. Documents, iCloud keychain data, browser cookies, credit card credentials – nothing is safe from the prying eyes.

But that’s not all. CloudMensis is malicious software that specifically targets macOS systems, spreading through email attachments and compromising device security. It can steal sensitive information and grant unauthorized access to users’ systems. JockerSpy, on the other hand, can infiltrate a system through deceptive websites or bundled with seemingly harmless software. Once installed, it can monitor users’ activities, capture keystrokes, and access personal data.

Even state-sponsored hacking organizations, like the North Korean Lazarus Group, have started targeting Apple Macs. Do you think this was a wake-up call for many Apple users who thought their devices were immune to getting attacked?

images from Hacker News