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The LodaRAT malware has resurfaced with new variants that are being deployed in conjunction with other sophisticated malware, such as RedLine Stealer and Neshta.

“The ease of access to its source code makes LodaRAT an attractive tool for any threat actor who is interested in its capabilities,” Cisco Talos researcher Chris Neal said in a write-up published Thursday.

Aside from being dropped alongside other malware families, LodaRAT has also been observed being delivered through a previously unknown variant of another commodity trojan called Venom RAT, which has been codenamed S500.

An AutoIT-based malware, LodaRAT (aka Nymeria) is attributed to a group called Kasablanca and is capable of harvesting sensitive information from compromised machines.

In February 2021, an Android version of the malware sprang forth as a way for the threat actors to expand their attack surface. Then in September 2022, Zscaler ThreatLabz uncovered a new delivery mechanism that involved the use of an information stealer dubbed Prynt Stealer.

images from Hacker News