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With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to impact, and perhaps permanently changing, how we work, cybercriminals again leveraged the distraction in new waves of cyberattacks.

Over the course of 2021 we saw an increase in multiple attack approaches; some old, some new. Phishing and ransomware continued to grow from previous years, as expected, while new attacks on supply chains and cryptocurrencies captured our attention. We also saw an uptick in critical Windows vulnerabilities, again proving that no matter how many vulnerabilities are found, more will always exist.

As we enter 2022, we are seeing novel attacks originating from the conflict in Ukraine, which will certainly make their way into criminal attacks on worldwide businesses. In an upcoming webinar (register here), Cybersecurity company Cynet will provide an in-depth review of the high-profile attacks we saw in 2021 and provide guidance to cybersecurity professionals for 2022.

What are the top cyberattacks in 2021 that Cynet will explore?

The Top 2021 Cyber Attacks

Following are the top attack approaches that impacted companies around the world in 2021.

images from Hacker News