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LastPass-owner GoTo (formerly LogMeIn) on Tuesday disclosed that unidentified threat actors were able to steal encrypted backups of some customers’ data along with an encryption key for some of those backups in a November 2022 incident.

The breach, which targeted a third-party cloud storage service, impacted Central, Pro,, Hamachi, and RemotelyAnywhere products, the company said.

“The affected information, which varies by product, may include account usernames, salted and hashed passwords, a portion of multi-factor Authentication (MFA) settings, as well as some product settings and licensing information,” GoTo’s Paddy Srinivasan¬†said.

Additionally, MFA settings pertaining to a subset of its Rescue and GoToMyPC customers were impacted, although there is no evidence that the encrypted databases associated with the two services were exfiltrated.

The company did not disclose how many users were impacted, but said it’s directly contacting the victims to provide additional information and recommend certain “actionable steps” to secure their accounts.

images from Hacker News