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Interpol on Thursday announced the seizure of $130 million worth of virtual assets in connection with a global crackdown on cyber-enabled financial crimes and money laundering.

The international police operation, dubbed HAECHI-III, transpired between June 28 and November 23, 2022, resulting in the arrests of 975 individuals and the closure of more than 1,600 cases.

This comprised two fugitives wanted by South Korea for their supposed involvement in a Ponzi scheme to embezzle €28 million from 2,000 victims.

Another instance pertained to a call centre scam based out of India, wherein a group of criminals impersonated Interpol and Europol officers to trick victims in Austria into transferring funds. The call centres operated from New Delhi and Noida.

The illegal activity informed the victims that their “identities were stolen and crime pertaining to narcotics drugs were committed in their names,” forcing them to make a money transfer.

images from Hacker News