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Instagram is growing quickly—and with the second most popular social media network in the world (behind just Facebook), the photo-sharing network absolutely dominates when it comes to user interactions.

And with great success comes great responsibility—responsibility to keep users’ accounts safe, responsibility to fight fake accounts and news, and responsibility of being transparent.

You might know that the Facebook-owned photo-sharing network has recently been a victim of a widespread hacking campaign that has affected thousands of Instagram users, leaving them locked out of their accounts.

In the wake of the security mis-happening, Instagram has announced a trio of security updates intended to discourage trolls, stop misinformation, and make the platform a little safer for its one billion users.

In an official blog post, titled “New Tools to Keep Instagram Safe,” published by Instagram Co-Founder & CTO Mike Krieger on August 28, the company announced three features—support for Third-Party Two Factor Authenticator Apps, About This Account, and Request Verification.

images from Hacker News