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Raccoon Stealer is back on the news again. US officials arrested Mark Sokolovsky, one of the malware actors behind this program. In July 2022, after several months of the shutdown, a Raccoon Stealer V2 went viral. Last week, the Department of Justice’s press release stated that the malware collected 50 million credentials.

This article will give a quick guide to the latest info stealer’s version.

What is Raccoon infostealer V2?

Raccoon Stealer is a kind of malware that steals various data from an infected computer. It’s quite a basic malware, but hackers have made Raccoon popular with excellent service and simple navigation.

In 2019, Raccoon infostealer was one of the most discussed malware. In exchange for $75 per week and $200 per month, cybercriminals sold this simple but versatile info stealer as a MaaS. The malware was successful in attacking a number of systems. In March 2022, however, threat authors ceased to operate.

An updated version of this malware was released in July 2022. As a result, Raccoon Stealer V2 has gone viral and gained a new name – RecordBreaker.

images from Hacker News