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Several security vulnerabilities have been disclosed in cloud management platforms associated with three industrial cellular router vendors that could expose operational technology (OT) networks to external attacks.

“Industrial cellular routers and gateways are essential IIoT devices that provide connectivity for industrial applications, facilitating remote monitoring, control, and data exchange across various industries,” OTORIO said.

With gateways widely deployed in critical infrastructure sectors such as substations, water utilities, oil fields, and pipelines, weaknesses in these devices could have severe consequences, impacting availability and process safety.

The 11 vulnerabilities discovered by the company¬†allow¬†“remote code execution and full control over hundreds of thousands of devices and OT networks – in some cases, even those not actively configured to use the cloud.”

Specifically, the shortcomings reside in the cloud-based management solutions offered by Sierra Wireless, Teltonika Networks, and InHand Networks to remotely manage and operate devices.

images from Hacker News