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Every website owner or webmaster grapples with the issue of spam on their website forms. The volume of spam can be so overwhelming that finding useful information within it becomes quite challenging. What exacerbates this issue is that spam can populate your public pages, appearing in comments and reviews. You likely understand how this can damage your website’s reputation, affect search results, overload your web server, and divert your focus from website development.

Website owners and webmasters need a solution to this problem. When selecting an anti-spam solution, the following requirements should be taken into account:

  1. The solution must operate automatically, eliminating the need for manual spam checks.
  2. It should provide a quick and efficient method of accuracy control.
  3. It must be universal, protecting all website forms simultaneously.
  4. It should be easy and straightforward to install and set up.
  5. It should not require any extra steps from your visitors, ensuring they do not have to confirm that they are humans, not bots.

images from Hacker News