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Organizations struggle to find ways to keep a good security posture. This is because it is difficult to create secure system policies and find the right tools that help achieve a good posture. In many cases, organizations work with tools that do not integrate with each other and are expensive to purchase and maintain.

Security posture management is a term used to describe the process of identifying and mitigating security misconfigurations and compliance risks in an organization. To maintain a good security posture, organizations should at least do the following:

  • Maintain inventory: Asset inventory is considered first because it provides a comprehensive list of all IT assets that should be protected. This includes the hardware devices, applications, and services that are being used.
  • Perform vulnerability assessment: The next step is to perform a vulnerability assessment to identify weaknesses in applications and services. Knowledge of the vulnerabilities help to prioritize risks.
  • Ensure secure system configuration: This involves modifying system settings in order to increase overall system security by mitigating risks. Actions such as changing default settings, identifying and eliminating misconfigurations tend to improve organizational security posture.
  • Monitor all assets to detect attacks: Additionally, all IT assets should be continuously monitored to detect attacks against the infrastructure. This can be done by monitoring network, system, and application logs for anomalies or indicators of compromise.

The Wazuh solution

Wazuh is an open source unified XDR and SIEM platform. It is free to use and has over 10 million annual downloads. The Wazuh platform has agents which are deployed on the endpoints you want to monitor. The Wazuh agent collects security event data from the monitored endpoints and forwards them to the Wazuh server for log analysis, correlation, and alerting.

The Wazuh platform has several inbuilt modules with the aim of improving the overall security posture of an organization. We have highlighted some relevant Wazuh modules in the following sections.

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