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Hackers are scanning the internet for weaknesses all the time, and if you don’t want your organization to fall victim, you need to be the first to find these weak spots. In other words, you have to adopt a proactive approach to managing your vulnerabilities, and a crucial first step in achieving this is performing a vulnerability assessment.

Read this guide to learn how to perform vulnerability assessments in your organization and stay ahead of the hackers.

Vulnerability assessment tools

Vulnerability assessments are automated processes performed by scanners. This makes them accessible to a wide audience. Many of the scanners are geared towards cybersecurity experts, but there are solutions tailored for IT managers and developers in organizations without dedicated security teams.

Vulnerability scanners come in various types: some excel at network scanning, others at web applications, IoT devices, or container security. If you’re a small business, you’re likely to find a single vulnerability scanner covering all or most of your systems. However, larger companies with complex networks may prefer to combine multiple scanners to achieve the desired level of security.

images from Hacker News