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The rise of DevOps culture in enterprises has accelerated product delivery timelines. Automation undoubtedly has its advantages. However, containerization and the rise of cloud software development are exposing organizations to a sprawling new attack surface.

Machine identities vastly outnumber human ones in enterprises these days. Indeed, the rise of machine identities is creating cybersecurity debt, and increasing security risks.

Let’s take a look at three of the top security risks which machine identities create – and how you can combat them.

Certificate renewal issues

Machine identities are secured differently from human ones. While human IDs can be verified with login and password credentials, machine IDs use certificates and keys. A huge issue with these types of credentials is they have expiration dates.

Generally, certificates remain valid for two years, but the rapid pace of technological improvement has reduced some lifespans to 13 months. Given that there are often thousands of machine identities present in a given DevOps cycle, all with different certificate expiration dates, manual renewal, and auditing processes are close to impossible.

images from Hacker News