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Before hunting malware, every researcher needs to find a system where to analyse it. There are several ways to do it: build your own environment or use third-party solutions. Today we will walk through all the steps of creating a custom malware sandbox where you can perform a proper analysis without infecting your computer. And then compare it with a ready-made service.

Why do you need a malware sandbox?

A sandbox allows detecting cyber threats and analysing them safely. All information remains secure, and a suspicious file can’t access the system. You can monitor malware processes, identify their patterns and investigate behaviour.

Before setting up a sandbox, you should have a clear goal of what you want to achieve through the lab.

There are two ways how to organize your working space for analysis:

  • Custom sandbox. Made from scratch by an analyst on their own, specifically for their needs.
  • A turnkey solution. A versatile service with a range of configurations to meet your demands.

How to build your own malware sandbox?

images from Hacker News