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Travel agencies have emerged as the target of a hack-for-hire group dubbed Evilnum as part of a broader campaign aimed at legal and financial investment institutions in the Middle East and Europe.

The attacks, which took place during 2020 and 2021 and likely went as far back as 2015, involved a revamped variant of a malware called Janicab that leverages a number of public services like WordPress and YouTube as dead drop resolvers, Kaspersky said in a technical report published this week.

Janicab infections comprise a diverse set of victims located in Egypt, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the U.K. The development marks the first time legal organizations in Saudi Arabia have been targeted by this group.

Also tracked as DeathStalker, the threat actor is known to deploy backdoors like Janicab, Evilnum, Powersing, and PowerPepper to exfiltrate confidential corporate information.

“Their interest in gathering sensitive business information leads us to believe that DeathStalker is a group of mercenaries offering hacking-for-hire services, or acting as some sort of information broker in financial circles,” the Russian cybersecurity company noted in August 2020.

images from Hacker News