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Cybersecurity researchers have exposed a wide variety of techniques adopted by an advanced malware downloader called GuLoader to evade security software.

“New shellcode anti-analysis technique attempts to thwart researchers and hostile environments by scanning entire process memory for any virtual machine (VM)-related strings,” CrowdStrike researchers Sarang Sonawane and Donato Onofri said in a technical write-up published last week.

GuLoader, also called CloudEyE, is a Visual Basic Script (VBS) downloader that’s used to distribute remote access trojans such as Remcos on infected machines. It was first detected in the wild in 2019.

In November 2021, a JavaScript malware strain dubbed RATDispenser emerged as a conduit for dropping GuLoader by means of a Base64-encoded VBScript dropper.

Recent GuLoader samples unearthed by CrowdStrike have been found to exhibit a three-stage process wherein the VBScript is designed to deliver a next-stage that performs anti-analysis checks before injecting shellcode embedded within the VBScript into memory.

images from Hacker News