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Internet behemoth Google on Tuesday said it plans to roll out Privacy Sandbox for Android in beta to mobile devices running Android 13 starting early next year.

“The Privacy Sandbox Beta will be available for ad tech and app developers who wish to test the ads-related APIs as part of their solutions,” the company said.

To that end, developers will need to complete an enrolment process in order to utilize the ads-related APIs, including TopicsFLEDGE, and Attribution Reporting.

Topics, which replaced Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) earlier this year, aims to categorize user interests under different “topics” based on their device web browsing history. These inferred interests are then shared with marketers to serve targeted ads.

FLEDGE and Attribution reporting, on the other hand, enable custom audience targeting and help measure ad conversions without relying on cross-party user identifiers, respectively.

images from Hacker News