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Stolen ChatGPT credentials flood dark web markets#

Over the past year, 100,000 stolen credentials for ChatGPT were advertised on underground sites, being sold for as little as $5 on dark web marketplaces in addition to being offered for free.

Stolen ChatGPT credentials include usernames, passwords, and other personal information associated with accounts. This is problematic because ChatGPT accounts may store sensitive information from queries, including confidential data and intellectual property. Specifically, companies increasingly incorporate ChatGPT into daily workflows, which means employees may disclose classified content, including proprietary code. Cybersixgill’s threat analysts detected advertisements for stolen ChatGPT credentials on popular dark web marketplaces, in addition to an advertisement for an AI chatbot allegedly capable of generating malicious content.

What should companies do to protect employees and critical assets from the unintended risks posed by ChatGPT?

images from Hacker News