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Losing sleep over Generative-AI apps? You’re not alone or wrong. According to the Astrix Security Research Group, mid size organizations already have, on average, 54 Generative-AI integrations to core systems like Slack, GitHub and Google Workspace and this number is only expected to grow. Continue reading to understand the potential risks and how to minimize them.

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“Hey ChatGPT, review and optimize our source code”

“Hey, generate a summary email of all our net new customers from this quarter”

“Hey, summarize our Zoom board meeting”

In this era of financial turmoil, businesses and employees alike are constantly looking for tools to automate work processes and increase efficiency and productivity by connecting third party apps to core business systems such as Google workspace, Slack and GitHub via API keys, OAuth tokens, service accounts and more. The rise of Generative-AI apps and GPT services exacerbates this issue, with employees of all departments rapidly adding the latest and greatest AI apps to their productivity arsenal, without the security team’s knowledge.

From engineering apps such as code review and optimization to marketing, design and sales apps such as content & video creation, image creation and email automation apps. With ChatGPT becoming the fastest growing app in history, and AI-powered apps being downloaded 1506% more than last year, the security risks of using, and even worse, connecting these often unvetted apps to business core systems is already causing sleepless nights for security leaders.

images from Hacker News