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A few hours ago the company announced its “non-shocking” plans to shut down Google+ social media network following a “shocking” data breach incident.

Now to prevent abuse and potential leakage of sensitive data to third-party app developers, Google has made several significant changes giving users more control over what type of data they choose to share with each app.

The changes are part of Google’s Project Strobe—a “root-and-branch” review of third-party developers access to Google account and Android device data and of its idea around apps’ data access.

Restricted Call Log and SMS Permissions for Apps

Google announced some new changes to the way permissions are approved for Android apps to prevent abuse and potential leakage of sensitive call and text log data by third-party developers.

While the apps are only supposed to request permission those are required for functioning properly, any Android app can ask permission to access your phone and SMS data unnecessarily.

To prevent users against surveillance and commercial spyware apps, Google has finally included a new rule under its Google Play Developer Policy that now limits Call Log and SMS permission usage to your “default” phone or SMS apps only.

“Only an app that you’ve selected as your default app for making calls or text messages will be able to make these requests. (There are some exceptions—e.g., voicemail and backup apps.),” Google said.

images from Hacker News