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A first-of-its-kind malware targeting Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) Lambda serverless computing platform has been discovered in the wild.

Dubbed “Denonia” after the name of the domain it communicates with, “the malware uses newer address resolution techniques for command and control traffic to evade typical detection measures and virtual network access controls,” Cado Labs researcher Matt Muir said.

The artifact analysed by the cybersecurity company was uploaded to the VirusTotal database on February 25, 2022, sporting the name “python” and packaged as a 64-bit ELF executable.

However, the filename is a misnomer, as Denonia is programmed in Go and harbours a customized variant of the XMRig cryptocurrency mining software. That said, the mode of initial access is unknown, although it’s suspected it may have involved the compromise of AWS Access and Secret Keys.

images from Hacker News