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The notorious cybercrime group known as FIN7 has diversified its initial access vectors to incorporate software supply chain compromise and the use of stolen credentials, new research has revealed.

“Data theft extortion or ransomware deployment following FIN7-attributed activity at multiple organizations, as well as technical overlaps, suggests that FIN7 actors have been associated with various ransomware operations over time,” incident response firm Mandiant said in a Monday analysis.

The cybercriminal group, since its emergence in the mid-2010s, has gained notoriety for large-scale malware campaigns targeting the point-of-sale (POS) systems aimed at restaurant, gambling, and hospitality industries with credit card-stealing malware.

FIN7’s shift in monetization strategy towards ransomware follows an October 2021 report from Recorded Future’s Gemini Advisory unit, which found the adversary setting up a fake front company named Bastion Secure to recruit unwitting penetration testers in a lead up to a ransomware attack.

Then earlier this January, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a Flash Alert warning organizations that the financially motivated gang was sending malicious USB drives (aka BadUSB) to U.S. business targets in the transportation, insurance, and defence industries to infect systems with malware, including ransomware.

images from Hacker News