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A financially-motivated threat actor known for its malware distribution campaigns has evolved its tactics to focus on ransomware and extortion.

According to FireEye’s Mandiant threat intelligence team, the collective — known as FIN11 — has engaged in a pattern of cybercrime campaigns at least since 2016 that involves monetizing their access to organizations’ networks, in addition to deploying point-of-sale (POS) malware targeting financial, retail, restaurant, and pharmaceutical sectors.

“Recent FIN11 intrusions have most commonly led to data theft, extortion and the disruption of victim networks via the distribution of CLOP ransomware,” Mandiant said.

Although FIN11’s activities in the past have been tied to malware such as FlawedAmmyyFRIENDSPEAK, and MIXLABEL, Mandiant notes significant overlap in TTPs with another threat group that cybersecurity researchers call TA505, which is behind the infamous Dridex banking Trojan and Locky ransomware that’s delivered through malspam campaigns via the Necurs botnet.

It’s worth pointing that Microsoft orchestrated the takedown of the Necurs botnet earlier this March in an attempt to prevent the operators from registering new domains to execute further attacks in the future.

images from Hacker News